Malygos Druid List and Overview

He’s big. He’s blue. And he’s gonna burn you.

Deck code: AAEBAZICBrQDxQTanQPmugOj0QOwigQMQNMDntICv/ICjK4D6LoD7roDm84D8NQDieAD0eEDrp8EAA==

Dust cost: 8,780

I’ve got to be honest- if you want to play this one, go play the Celestial Alignment version. It’s much stronger, and less of a volatile list.

That said, you can replace Jepetto Joybuzz, the Bogbeams, and the Branching Paths with 2 copies of Oaken Summons, 2 copies of Injured Marauder, and Archmage Vargoth if you so choose. You can also try 2 copies of Nature Studies instead of the Bogbeams.