Mech Paladin List and Overview

Hello! Hello! Hello! Die! Hello!

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FBKcFmPsCoIADn7cDDZQP6g+EELO7Ave8Ap/1Atb+Atf+Atn+AuH+AsrBA+PrA9agBAA=

Dust cost: 5,440

There are two other ways you can structure the deck. You can return to its entirely Mech-based aggression by cutting the Convictions for a second Replicating Menace and a Wargear, or you can go for consistency by dropping the Replicating Menace and including a copy of Knight of Anointment. I believe that both are weaker routes, but there’s very little data because Mech Paladin is simply a rarity. Aggro players trying Wild for the first time are far more likely to use Aggro Druid or Murloc Shaman, and even Paladin players have much better options in Handbuff and Odd Paladin.