Mill Rogue List and Overview

Where is my deck, Valeera? It was removed. Where has it gone?

Deck code: AAEBAaIHAoUXgNMCDsQB+Af1uwKXwQLexALf4wLg+gLHzgPi3QPn3QOS5AORnwT2nwT3nwQA

Dust cost: 6,000

Backstab, Brain Freeze, and Vanish for removal, Armor Vendor, Glacial Shard, Mistress of Mixtures, Evasion, Cloak of Shadows, and Valeera for stall, and then the meat of the deck- Coldlights, their reuse and shufflers, and consistency cards.

I can’t explain the deck all too well- I don’t use it. It basically comes down to having a bunch of Coldlight Oracles played repeatedly so your opponent burns their deck and hits fatigue.

You can replace either Brann or a Vanish with Murloc Tastyfin for the sake of consistency. I’ve seen lists go for Prize Vendor as well as Coldlight Oracle, but they tend to be far worse than the normal lists- 3-4% worse winrates.