Murloc Shaman Decklist and Overview

The buff Spells are turning the freaking frogs OP!

Deck code: AAEBAaoIBOAFhBf2vQKo7gMNpwi/F7dsncICi84CjJQDtZgDkeQDlOgDs+gD3ewDlfADq6AEAA==

Dust cost: 7,140, 5,540 if you have at least one copy of every Classic set Murloc, which gets you Murk-Eye for free.

Murloc Shaman is a deck all about resource management. You’ve got to be careful not to overextend, because if you do- you have two copies of Ice Fishing and otherwise you’re topdecking, bar a lucky Sir Finley Warlock snag. By the way, that’s pretty much the only reason Sir Finley is in there instead of a Murmy.

The deck aims to simply toss a few Murlocs on the board, buff them with Nofin and Everyfin, and then close out with Murloc Warleader or Old Murk-Eye. There’s an amazing one sided board clear in the form of Firemancer Flurgl being Poisoned up by Toxfin, which allows the deck to make some amazingly high tempo plays against decks such as Odd Paladin or Big Priest. I’ll go into detail in the guide.

You can’t really replace much. Your flex spots are Sir Finley and Devolve, which can be replaced by any combination of Devolves and Murmys. Firemancer Flurgl and Murloc Warleader are essential. Warleader closes games, and Firemancer Flurgl is your one hope of a comeback. Murmy is really good in the deck, and honestly normally shouldn’t be cut, but I like Sir Finley and Devolve a little bit more personally.

Murloc Shaman is struggling in Standard right now, so hopefully buff to Tinyfin’s Caravan is on the way, making it end of turn instead of start of turn. If that happens, Murlocs will likely find their way into the top 5 decks.

If you really want to run the Quest, drop Devolve, Sir Finley, and Old Murk-Eye and add in 2x Murmy and the Quest Unite the Murlocs. I don’t recommend it, though- the Quest is exceedingly bad.

You can also go for a faster version by dropping both copies of Everyfin Is Awesome, Old Murk-Eye, and Devolve and adding in 2 copies of Murmy and 2 copies of Voracious Reader. It’s a slightly weaker deck, but also ends games quicker.