Nitroboost Kingsbane List and Overview

Boosted and ready to swing.

Deck code: AAEBAaIHBIgHkbwCu+8CqesDDdQF7gavEJsV5dEC1YwDqssD99QD890DgeQDrOsDkp8E958EAA==

Dust cost: 5,240

Despite not being the most consistent variation of Kingsbane, Nitrobane has the most burst potential. In the right hands, it nixes the Kingsbane tradition of being precise like a knife and decides it wants to be a meat cleaver.

There aren’t many replacement options. You could drop a Paralytic Poison for a second Eviscerate, but Paralytic is essential to surviving long enough to play Nitroboost or Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil.