Odd DH DR Package List and Overview


Deck code: AAEBAea5AwTSA68EnvgCz90DDZIFthP9pwP9sAPgvAPUyAPyyQPczAPN3QPz4wP97QPC8QPSnwQA

Dust cost: 4,980

With a plethora of aggressive one-drops, Odd DH is one of the fastest and most aggressive decks in Wild. This particular version chooses to include a little extra reach late-game with Leeroy Jenkins, Arcane Golem and Fury.

As far as card replacements go, a lot of lists don’t use Leeroy. Stiltstepper is a fine alternative, but I’ve chosen to only use one- drawing into Baku or Leeroy is really bad, and you can’t really play it before 6 mana because almost a third of your deck is 3 or more mana. It’s a decent mulligan card, but its played winrate is pretty bad, and overall I believe Arcane Golem is just superior.

Crimson Sigil Runner, Demon Companion and Double Jump often see play in “faster” lists- if you want one of those, drop Leeroy, Arcane Golem, and Mana Burn for some mix of 2 copies of Runner/Demon Companion/Double Jump. Some lists cut Fury, but Fury is just a better Twin Slice if the game drags on for a while, and it’s more reach, which the deck loves.