Odd Hunter List and Overview

Aggression. It’s what Hunters crave.

Deck code: AAEBAR8C2wme+AIOqALSA5IFgAf2DritAoWwA/2wA5vNA4LQA8bRA7nSA6mfBKqfBAA=

Dust cost: 3,840 Dust

There are multiple ways to build Odd Hunter. I’ve seen a small Pirate package, all in on Deathrattles, and even a small Mystery Winner/Eaglehorn Bow package. However, the best lists always ran a casual Deathrattle package with Undertaker and Leper Gnomes, and I’ve elected to do that.

You can cut Unleash the Hounds, Firey Bat, and/or a copy of Arcane Golem as you wish.

Leeroy Jenkins, Eaglehorn Bow (or two of them), and Wound Prey are all decent additions to the deck. Eaglehorn Bow is pure burn- 6 damage for 3 mana isn’t terrible in such an aggressive deck.