Odd Pally Decklist and Overview

Sup, Dudes? Also, my cropping seems to be a little wonky- Broomstick and Tour Guide are Common, Leeroy and Baku are Legendary.

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FBq8EpwWe+AKVzQOH3gPIoAQM7A/tD7jHAtn+AoytA5vNA4PeA4TeA8zrA+PrA8egBMmgBAA=

Dust Cost: 8,580

There’s not that much to say here. Get Silver Hand Recruits into play, buff them, win board, hit face, win game. I’ll elaborate on that in the full guide, but the important thing to make sure you do is not overextend against Control opponents. A general rule of thumb is to play in order to make sure you can have as much damage dealt as possible over the next three turns, while holding back enough for a second wave or more.

Between Knight of Anointment and Crystology, you generally have enough draw and will be able to rely on topdecks, but Divine Favor is important for Control matchups where you need to snag Conviction/Quartermaster/Leeroy for Leethal (get it?).

The deck has no shortage of ways to summon Dudes. Between Tour Guide (1 mana, 3/3 of stats is nuts), Lost In the Jungle, Muster For Battle, and just good old Hero Power (which now summons 2 Dudes because of Baku), you’re often going to be able to fill your board. With Righteous Cause, Carnival Barker, Lothraxion, and Quartermaster, you can easily buff them too.

The deck has a lot of ways to get to the buffed board win, though recently with Knight of Anointment and Conviction’s existence it’s dropped most of the Secrets it used to play. They were fun while they lasted.

As far as card replacements go, you can’t replace Baku or Quartermaster. OMY is basically your anti-board clear option.

Avenge is my weird anti-meta tech to try and make sure I don’t lose board control early- most lists will replace it with Never Surrender, and that’s optimal. It’s just nice to be able to get rid of an early Hand of Ad’al’d minion from Handbuff Pally, or the occasional Tiny Knight of Evil from Discolock.

Leeroy and Lothraxion are replacable, though I don’t recommend dropping either. I’m weird for playing Avenge- that can be dropped fairly easily.

If you drop any of those, they can be replaced by a second Broomstick, Lord Barov, Loatheb, Steward of Darkshire, or Arcane Golem. Loatheb is really good in the deck, so if you drop any of the listed cards… use him. Again, mostly Legendary replacements, sorry. Not a super pricey deck but it’s cheap enough to be manageable. Plus, Baku opens up multiple other decks, Leeroy sees play in several other decks, Oh My Yogg is played in a majority of Paladin decks right now, and Loatheb sees a ton of play. This deck is a pretty good investment.