Odd Warrior List and Overview

Sadism in a deck shell.

Deck code: AAEBAQcK+wyFF4KtApL4Ap74AqCAA/nCA+LMA4rQA5PQAwr4B/8HyucCs/wC2a0DuLkD9sIDkuQDiKAEiaAEAA==

It would have been kind of funny to not put a deck code and waste the time of anyone who wants to waste their opponent’s time.

Dust cost: 12,060

Gain armor. Clear boards. Make opponent bore themselves to death. Rinse and repeat until Dr. Boom hits the board and you get an actual win condition.

You can replace Ravaging Ghoul and Athletic Studies with Silas Darkmoon and Soulbound Ashtongue. In the late game, you can play Soulbound, rotate it to the opponent’s side with Silas, and then Shield Slam it to deal damage to your opponent equal to the amount of Armor you’ve got for an actual win condition.