Pain Discolock Decklist and Overview

Will you summon them, your Demons, and feed them with your pain?

Deck code: AAEBAYkGAo+CA9a5Aw4w9wTOB9SzAry2AvLQAv2kA7W5A7a5A8u5A9fOA9DhA4SgBOGgBAA=

Deck cost: 5,480 Dust

This is probably the deck I most recommend to new Wild players. In both its Pain package and “pure” forms, it’s a straightforward deck that requires some effort to learn how to squeeze a few more %s in the winrate out of it.

The deck is, as I said, straightforward. It plays like a Zoo deck with a focus on slamming stuff onto the board early, it just happens to have Discard synergies. I’ll go into depth when I get the guide done, but this is one of those decks where trial and error is the best teacher.

The deck is really cheap for Wild already, but you can drop both the Soularium and Kanrethad Ebonlocke if you so choose. The Soularium is, of course, amazing in this deck, but can be replaced by Fist of Jaraxxus (if you keep running into Control) or Lakkari Felhound (against Aggro). Same with Kenrethad Ebonlock, though I’d lean towards replacing him with the Fist of Jaraxxus.