Painlock Decklist and Overview

Deck code: AAEBAYkGBtID+g7x9wKPggOL1QPy7QMMzgbcCvLQAojSAteJA8u5A5XNA5vNA9fOA8HRA5PkA+egBAA=

Dust Cost: 8,200 Dust

Painlock’s gameplan is really simple. Use cards such as Kobold Librarian, Backfire, Spirit Bomb, and Cheaty Anklebiter to damage your own face while refreshing mana with Darkglare, drop Flesh and Molten Giants, heal up with Drain Soul/Lesser Amethyst Spellstone, buff Giants, bash opponent in the face.

Again, of course it isn’t that simple. This is a deck overview, not a guide, though, so I’m not going to go in depth.

You don’t have good card substitutions for the expensive cards. The Giants and Darkglare are essential to the deck, while Loatheb and The Soularium both raise your winrate significantly. Tamsin Roame is a super flexible card, but she’s the only Legendary you can cut without a significant drop in performance.

This list is a little odd. Due to the popularity of Handbuff Pally and Secret Mage, I’ve chosen to drop a Cult Neophyte and a Spirit Bomb from the common list and slot in 2 copies of Lesser Amethyst Spellstone. Feel free to drop them and and put some combination of another Spirit Bomb, another Cult Neophyte, a Sunfury Protector (or Enhance-O Mechano), or a copy of Defile in.

You can also drop the Arcane Golem if you so choose. If you do, make sure to replace it with Sunfury Protector or Zephyrs the Great. Personally, I don’t like Zephyrs in the deck- he’s not consistent, and this deck wants to be ultra consistent. However, between Backfire, constant Hero Powers, Kobold Librarian and The Soularium, he’s an option that will save your butt if games go long. They really shouldn’t if you play the deck right, though.