Pirate Kingsbane Rogue List and Overview

Swab the decks and prep the big knife, matey!

Deck code: AAEBAaIHBJG8AuXRArvvAqnrAw3UBe4G+w+bFdWMA+mwA6rLA/fUA+fdA/PdA6aKBJKfBPefBAA=

Dust cost: 5,040

Being able to constantly go face with Kingsbane and let your board deal with the opponent’s is awesome. Unfortunately, if the Kingsbane doesn’t wind up as deadly as normal (ignoring getting multiple buffs off the same Buccaneer, it maxes at +6 Attack and drawing with Silverleaf, which is, of course, not spectacular), you rely on the same board for reach.

The Pirate package is pretty sweet, providing board presence, easier draw (Raiding Party), pings (Ship’s Cannon/Fogsail Freebooter), and even some burst (Southsea Deckhand) and stall (Dread Corsair). If you get outboarded (think Handbuff Paladin, Odd Paladin, Pirate Warrior or Big Priest), though, you’re done for.

You don’t have any replacement options here, the list is airtight. If you replace anything with a non-meme card, the deck immediately becomes better off switching to a full on Spellsbane or the “standard” Nitroboost list.