Pirate Warrior Decklist and Overview

Yay, pointy things!

Deck code: AAEBAQcG/wOvBJG8At6tA8C5A5XtAwzUBe4G+w+IsALcrQPdrQPpsAO13gP+5wOO7QOmigSvoAQA

Dust cost: 8,760

The idea of this deck is pretty easy to understand- curve out and build a board of Pirates, equip a Weapon, buff the Weapon, and use that to close the game. Burst from Southsea Captain and buffs from Rokara also help immensely.

There’s not many replacable cards in the deck. Leeroy can be replaced by Skycap’n Kragg or Kor’Kron Elite, but that one change drops the deck’s winrate significantly, plus Kragg is pretty much a waste of Dust otherwise. Ancharrr and Southsea Captain are essential, though Southsea Captain is free in the Core Set. Rokara can technically be cut but she’s one of the best cards in the deck, with top 5 Mulligan, Drawn, and Played Winrates in most lists.

Upgrade! and Corsair Cache can both be cut for N’Zoth’s First Mate x2. I play them because I like the little bit of added consistency for a big Weapon, but most lists prioritize HAVING a Weapon in the early game (Freebooter is awesome, Dread Corsair is good). Between Ancharrr, Outrider’s Axe (9 damage over three turns plus draw…), and Sword Eater, I find myself having a Weapon up consistently anyways. Corsair Cache ensures it’s a good one.

Blizzard could probably safely unnerf Corsair Cache by now, honestly.