Quest Rogue List and Overview

The better Rogue Quest

Deck code: AAEBAaIHBIbCAsPqArulA+fdAw2SBIgFjRCXwQL27ALHmwO/rgOqywOVzQPc2wOR5AP2nwT3nwQA

Dust cost: 5,820

Mulligan for Bloodsail Flybooter and Shadowstep, Captain’s Parrot if you don’t have Flybooter, and Questing Explorer if you don’t have any of those.

This is not a difficult deck to play. Once you complete the Quest, just repeatedly slap down big minions while using Animated Broomstick and Derailed Coaster to clear the opponent’s board.

For card replacements, you can drop Swindle for a second copy of Questing Explorer. Crabrider has fallen off a bit since its nerf, so you could try Wax Elemental instead, though can’t vouch for it being better.