Raza Priest Decklist and Overview

The old and the new combine to form an unholy top tier

Deck code: AAEBAa0GHpwC5QTyDPcTwxaDuwK1uwLYuwLRwQLfxALwzwLo0AKQ0wKXhwPmiAP8owOZqQPyrAOfzQPLzQPXzgP21gPi3gP73wP44wOoigStigTBnwSXoAShoAQAAA==

Dust cost: 11,660

Pen Flinger is still played, even after the nerf. There’s not much to complain about when it comes to a constant stream of 1 damage to a minion, and it still works in the Raza/Shadowreaper Anduin “machine gun” combo, just without hitting face, slightly slowing the combo down. Other then that, it’s a pretty simple Highlander deck. It stalls with removal and AoEs, heals up with Reno when it needs to, and has a finisher in Zephyrs.

If you’re new to Wild, Raza makes your Hero Power cost 0 the rest of the game. Shadowreaper Anduin’s Hero Power deals 2 damage and refreshes whenever you play a card, so the combo gives you a Hero Power that can deal 2 damage for free every time you play a card. Pen Flinger can bounce to hand and reset the Hero Power constantly, and Spawn of Shadows provides even more reach for lethal.

The new Taelan Fordring is a lot better in the deck than expected. Normally he’ll draw either Reno Jackson or Raza/Polkett, and even if he draws Polkett you’ll be able to rearrange your deck and have stronger draws.

The deck has a lot of options for swapping cards, one of the advantages of being Highlander. Unfortunately, every Legendary there is essential. You need the Highlander package (Reno/Kazakus/Zephyrs) and machine gun package (Raza/Shadowreaper Anduin) to play the deck, and Polkett and Taelan are both needed for stronger draws. Taelan is free in the Core Set, so he shouldn’t be an issue to get for a player who’s far enough along to consider playing Wild. As far as the Epics go, Shadow Visions is the only essential one, but Dirty Rat improves you matchup against Combo decks (and the ultrapopular Flamewaker and Mozaki Mages) tenfold and Psychic Scream is often the only way to avoid lethal.

The cards here that can be swapped out are Seance, Loot Hoarder, Breath of the Infinite, and Power Word: Shield. Breath of the Infinite probably shouldn’t be swapped out, but Shadow Word: Horror is a decent replacement.

If you drop any of the other three, your replacement options, ordered from best to worst, are as follows: Manafeeder Panthera (which you absolutely need to add if you drop Power Word: Shield), Holy Smite, Shadow Word: Pain, Mo’arg Artificer, Mindrender Illucia, and Renew.