Research bin repository

Regular Contributors to Amiibo Doctor, and myself, Amiibo Doctor, are allowed to begin contributing bin files for research purposes to the Amiibo Doctor bin repository. The intention of this repository is to “open source” amiibo training and development: if one trainer discovers something odd or unique, they can put the bin file in the repository and ask other trainers to take a look for themselves.

Bin submissions follow a set of rules:

  1. Only Amiibo Doctor and Regular Contributors can submit bin files, and the files must have been trained by the Contributors.
  2. Amiibo are capped at C+ tier or lower according to the Tier Lists for Amiibo and CPUs. If the amiibo is now higher than C+ but was lower at their upload, they can stay in the repository.
  3. Amiibo should be experimental in some way, with the unique “experimentness” being outlined in the Notepad document titled “Read this first”. Perhaps it uses a new training method, or uses a unique custom moveset.
  4. All submissions must be approved by Amiibo Doctor before addition to the repository. This is done to ensure a chain of accountability should an issue arise with a bin file.

I ask that bin users follow these rules of etiquette:

  1. Please inform Amiibo Doctor if you have downloaded the bins and entered a variation of that bin to a tournament, or if you have experimented with it and found something. We are always interested to hear what other trainers discover with our research, and we’ll encourage you to write a guest post on your findings.
  2. Please do not use these bins for anything but research purposes. If you’re looking for a top-tier amiibo to beat your friends, your best bet is to consult the tier list. The purpose of the repository is solely for researching lower tier amiibo.

Thank you! The Google Drive folder containing the bins can be found below: