RPG Mage List and Overview

Dragons, turtles, and sheep, oh my!

Deck code: AAEBAf0EHsABxQT3DfoOwxaFF9i7At/EAsPqAs7vAu72Asb4AqCAA/yjA4ukA5KkA7+kA4SnA/CvA5GxA4S2A+G2A427A+XRA5LkA/foA9LsA53uA7CKBNWgBAAA

Dust cost: 28,420 (this may be THE most expensive meta deck in Wild, clocking in at an insane 16 Legendaries (plus the free Alexstrasza the Life-Binder) plus seven Epics. Just to make things even better, most of those are essential.

I’m not going to go over how to play this deck- it’s a deck that every player plays differently, and one that takes time to learn.

As far as card substitutions go, it’s a Highlander deck. You can swap out like a third of the deck if you so choose.

However, in my opinion there’re only a few truly flex spots- Explosive Sheep, Far Watch Post, Escaped Manasaber, Zilliax and Siamat.

Devolving Missiles is an option, and alongside Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron I had it in this list until the release of Wailing Caverns, when I dropped both for Book of Specters and Frostweave Dungeoneer.

Far Watch Post is pretty good, but since its nerf it’s fallen out of favor. Siamat has also fallen out of favor, simply because without LPG’ing it it’s pretty bad.

Most lists choose to run Explosive Sheep, Zilliax and Escaped Manasaber. Zilliax is one of the worst, if not THE worst card in the deck. Explosive Sheep is also bad, but it brings needed AoE- though a lot of board flood decks buff their board out of Sheep range nowadays. Escaped Manasaber is simply a mediocre option pre-Galaxy, but post-LPG it’s stellar.

You can replace them with any combination of Animated Broomstick, Arcane Breath, Cult Neophyte, Arcane Keysmith, Glacial Shard, Power of Creation, Rolling Fireball, The Amazing Reno, Primordial Protector, and Barista Lynchen- and that’s the order from highest to lowest priority I’d recommend.

Don’t add in Power of Creation alongside Primordial Protector or Book of Specters, and don’t add Rolling Fireball and Book of Specters. Obviously Book of Specters just discards them (you can get away with Arcane Breath because you probably don’t need it by the time you play Book), and Power of Creation ruins your tutoring LPG with Primordial Protector, defeating its whole purpose.