Spellsbane List and Overview

Stab with Kingsbane, Wicked Stab, and Pirates with stabby little swords.

Deck code: AAEBAaIHBq8QkbwC5dECu+8CqesDrOsDDNQF7gaIB5sV1YwDqssD99QD590D890DqusDkp8E958EAA==

Dust cost: 5,180

This is likely the most difficult variant of Kingsbane to play. It’s also the closest to the pre-Nitroboost nerf list. The idea is the same- play down stuff to buff Kingsbane, swing for the fences- but now, there’s actually not that much to buff it, so it’s back to relying on burn spells. Thankfully, Wicked Stab was printed, and it’s great.

Spellsbane’s list is super flexible, and there are many different card choices. Paralytic Poison, Swindle, and Silverleaf Poison are the flex spots, with any combination of a second Shinyfinder, second Tinker’s Sharpsword Oil, ONE Efficient Octo-bot, ONE Blade Flurry, or Fogsail Freebooters working as the replacements. Personally, I believe that Fogsail Freebooters only work well in Pirate Kingsbane but hey, it’s worth a shot.