Tickatus Control Warlock List and Overview

Please! I have a deck- oh, right, it got burnt away ages ago.

Deck code: AAEBAYkGBJz4AvzeA87hA7GfBA3nywLy0AKdqQPrrAP9sAO9vgPN0gPG3gP44wOS5AP36AP56APnoAQA

Dust cost: 8,040 Dust

Not much to say about this deck either… but there is something to say about card substitutions! I recommend dropping Mortal Coil and a copy of Hysteria in favor of an Enhanced Dreadlord and Bloodreaver Gul’dan, just to have more than one realistic way to Corrupt Tickatus.

That’s probably optimal, but there isn’t much data on the Tickatus version of the deck, so I can’t be sure. It’s definitely worse than the Big Demon version, and survives by preying on Aggro decks. Unless you are deadset on torturing people with Tickatus, use the Big Demon version.