Tickatus Renolock Decklist and Overview

Hello darkness my old friend…

Sorry, the rarities got cut off on the right side. Zephyrs/Brann/Zola/Zilliax/Reno are Legendaries, Dirty Rat is an Epic, Armor Vendor and Cult Neophyte are Rares, and Broomstick/Glacial Shard/Mistress of Mixtures/Tour Guide are Common.

Deck code: AAEBAYkGHtwGjg7DFoUX2LsCl8EC3sQC38QC58sCrs0C8tACl9MC6OcCw+oCnPgCoIAD/KMDnakD66wDxLkDvb4Dlc0Dm80D184Di9UDzuED+OMDkuQDk+QD56AEAAA=

Dust cost: 17,000

Not much to say about this deck. It’s a fairly typical Renolock- control early game, summon massive Demons late game, ressurect them with Bloodreaver Gul’dan. The Tickatus-focused list isn’t really that different from the Big Demon-focused one, but it cuts Archwitch Willow and worries more about slapping down a Corrupted Tickatus, leading to more frequent aargh-I-haven’t-Corrupted-Ticky-yet-dead-hand-oh-no moments.

I chose to cut techs in favor of more consistency early game. First off, this list needs more consistency, and second, I wanted the two variants to be a little more distinct and showcase all of your options for Renolock.

You don’t have many tech options in this list. Tour Guide, Cult Neophyte, and Zilliax are your flexible slots. If you want to be spicy, you can keep Tour Guide and cut one of the other two for Darkglare, but I wouldn’t.

You can replace any of those above with Far Watch Post, Bad Luck Albatross, Kelidan the Breaker, or Mortal Coil. If you replace two of them, you could try Cascading Disaster and Y’shaarj, the Defiler.

Unfortunately, every Epic and Legendary besides Zilliax is essential and can’t be replaced. Fortunately, the Highlander package is something a lot of Wild players should already have (it sees a lot of play), and, for better or worse, most Warlock mains probably have Tickatus. Zilliax is ridiculously good, so don’t replace it if you don’t need to.