Token Druid List and Overview

Here, have a small token of my gratitude… gratitude that you’re easy to smack down, that is!

Deck code: AAEBAZICAA/mBegVzbsCntIC1+8C+bUD5boD77oD+cwDm84D8NQDieADiuADjOQDrp8EAA==

Dust cost: 3,440

This is a very consistent deck. You’ll usually have a Gibberling, Wispering Woods, or Glowfly Swarm in your starting hand, and any of those can quickly become a full board of buffed minions. You finish with Savage Roar or Arbor Up (sometimes doubled by Solar Eclipse), generally around Turn 5 or 6.

This is basically the only list. Some lists run Pride’s Fury or Soul of the Forest, but those aren’t great. Your only realistic option for card substitution is to cut either Lightning Bloom or Rising Winds for Power of the Wild, but it’s a severe drop in consistency for the deck.

Rising Winds will usually be played as draw and Living Roots as tokens, by the way.