Social media accounts to follow

Keeping in touch with the community is a key part of enjoying your amiibo, and the tournaments that go with it! Training and participating in tournaments are the two most fun parts of amiibo competition, but you can’t always be doing those two things. Sometimes, you have to be at work, or school, or doing some other useless thing. When that’s the case, you can still be connected to the amiibo community! These are the social media accounts that I’m aware of, that are at least somewhat active in amiibo training and amiibo-related things.


  • @bestbuy (The best place to buy amiibo, and sponsor of Trainer LWI | Leaf. Also the new favorite company of the amiibo community.)
  • @amiibodojo (the larger of the two amiibo sites)
  • @amiibomd (that’s me)
  • @amiibrawl (a legendary tournament organizer)
  • @amiibonews
  • @nintendowire (constant and consistently high quality updates on amiibo sales, often has discount codes for amiibo on Play Asia)
  • @nintendeal (lightning-fast updates on amiibo sales and restocks, and will update you multiple times a day on what’s back in stock)


  • Amiibo Doctor (that’s me, again)
  • Amiibo Dojo
  • Amiibrawl (he’s just started doing biweekly tournaments again!)