Uther Combo Paladin

Carl, call the cavalry! George, to my flank! Rodolfo, you aren’t a Paladin-related character, I pulled your name outta thin air!

Deck code: AAEBAZ8FCJ29Ao7TAoTBA5vNA5PQA/voA5HsA6iKBAv2B90K2f4CyrgD/bgD6rkD67kD7LkDysEDkeQDzOsDAA==

Dust cost: 11,720

As far as card replacements go, you’ve got to add in a whole package if you want to swap cards. Dropping the Crabriders and Blessings of Wisdom, though I don’t advise it, allows you to add in Nozdormu the Timeless, 2 copies of Redscale Dragontamer, and a Time Out! This makes you gar more vulnerable to the Control decks you’re supposed to feed on, though.

I recommend just dropping a Crabrider for a Time Out!