Amiibo Science: How to Give Your Amiibo a Brain Transplant

You will need:

  • A physical amiibo figure OR an amiibo Powersaves with Powertag OR an NTAG 215 chip. Regardless of which one you use, it should already have been formatted for use in Super Smash Bros. The character on this hardware will be the character that the brain is transplanted into.
  • An amiibo .bin file that has also been formatted for Super Smash Bros.
  • Tagmo, version 2.6.1
  • A backup of the amiibo being overwritten, if you want to reverse the transplant


Step 1:

Turn on the NFC feature on your Android phone. Start the Tagmo app. Check the box labeled “Allow restore to different tag”.

(You should learn beforehand where the NFC writer is located on your phone, so as to avoid corrupting your amiibo hardware)

Step 2:

Press “Load Tag”, and select the tag of the amiibo “brain” you wish to transplant into the amiibo hardware. If you wish to place an amiibo into a Ganondorf’s body, you MUST have a Ganondorf figure, NTAG215 chip or card, or a Powertag that has been formatted to be a Ganondorf amiibo.

Step 3:

Press “Restore Tag”, and then place your amiibo hardware on the NFC sensor on your phone. It may take a few tries to properly transplant the .bin file onto your physical hardware.

Step 4:

Scan your amiibo into Super Smash Bros. and confirm that the transplant worked. If the transplant succeeded, then your amiibo hardware will have a different name on the menu screen- it will be the name that the .bin file amiibo had. The amiibo hardware will also have all rewards,  moves and stat loadouts that the .bin file had. The only thing that wasn’t transplanted was the character of the .bin file.

What does this do?

This takes all the training and experience that the .bin file amiibo had acquired and places it into the hardware. In a sense, you are transplanting the .bin file brain into the body of another, different character.

This is a pure transplant- if you take a Ness who has been trained to use his Side-B and back throw move, and place him into a Ganondorf amiibo, it will be a Ganondorf amiibo that uses his Side-B and back throw. Absolutely everything about your amiibo will be the same except for their character.


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