Which amiibo will go viral in 2021? – Info for Etsy amiibo card sellers

I keep a pretty close eye on amiibo statistics and SEO data, and I’m generally pretty accurate when it comes to predicting which amiibo will be the most demanded and get the most attention. I predicted that the Joker amiibo would be the most popular amiibo, I predicted that Snake’s amiibo release would be a major event, I predicted that the New Horizons release would cause a major spike in demand for Animal Crossing amiibo cards and made a lot of money making Animal Crossing medallions ahead of time and selling them on Etsy.

I’m pretty good at this stuff, and I know which amiibo you need to get ready to make cards for.

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Why We Need More Amiibo Trainers

by Doc

We’re Better Off Than We Were

Historically, competitive amiibo has been a pretty small endeavor. In the Smash 4 days the scene largely consisted of the same fifteen trainers hosting tournaments over and over, and being able to pretty accurately predict the results due to Smash 4’s deterministic metagame.

Ultimate’s in a much better place – thanks to the addition of arenas, a lot of new interest has sprung up in competitive amiibo. My own work here has complemented it to the best of my ability, and as Amiibo Doctor has grown, so too has competitive amiibo as a whole. It’s fair to say there’s about 30-40 very hardcore, active trainers labbing and conducting tournaments very consistently at any time. We’re quite a nice little hobby.

What Do We Need More Trainers For?

But if we’re going to learn more about amiibo and get the most out of these figures, we need more amiibo trainers. A lot more.

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Announcing Amiibart Test Wave Finale!

Amiibart Test Wave Finale is releasing, and it’ll be the last wave that does Amiibart the way Amiibart has gone so far. It contains a total of 18 Amiibarts, including three Chases and one Adamentum, 4 Amiibart Portraits, including a 2-pack, and three Cheery Bombs. Puff of Color has been shelved for now due to lack of interest.

First off, if you’re wondering what Amiibart is, Amiibart is a virtual Super Smash Brothers/amiibo themed collectible. It was designed for the amiibo community to have a free, cool new thing to do that isn’t training, tournaments, or just chatting, as well as to get people into more amiibo servers and to support amiibo streamers. Your average Amiibart image is quite simple- the image, then a small bit denoting the sequence (where was it in the order made) and number made, and a sticker that shows where it was exclusive to. Each one has a certain number produced, and once a unique piece is sent to the recipient it is deleted from every other place it is.

So, what keeps it collectible?

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How to train the Wii Fit Trainer amiibo in Smash Ultimate

By Scuttler, Guest Contributor

Now I’ve been in the amiibo scene for a decent amount of time, probably around 8
months by now, and in that time, I’ve been labbing out Wii Fit Trainer, I’ve gotten multiple high placing rankings and even the First Wii Fit Trainer win in Smash Ultimate.

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How to train the Lucina amiibo in Smash Ultimate

By MiDe, Guest Contributor

I started competitive amiibo back in Smash 4, but have found a lot of success in Smash Ultimate. I have multiple wins across a variety of characters and formats. For Lucina, I have multiple tourney wins and have pioneered The Musket Method.

The Musket Method is a general training method that was born from my Lucina, Musket.

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