How do I use amiibo bin files?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Girl are You an Amiibo Bin File Cause I Could Byte You 540 Times

Good question! It depends on what you want to do with them. Typically, people want amiibo bin files so they can scan an amiibo in-game without needing to buy the figure itself. I’ll assume that this is what you’re after, and provide you with snippets from our guides on each amiibo bin file platform.

If you have more questions about amiibo bin files, consult our Complete Guide to amiibo bin files.


Tagmo’s menu options are confusing at first. These are what the menu options all mean.

Load Tag” – if you already have an amiibo file on your phone, you use this option to find that file with the built-in file explorer.

Scan Tag” – if your phone’s NFC is turned on, hold an amiibo figure or card or NTAG chip and it will bring up the data on that chip. This and Load Tag are the most basic functions of Tagmo, the rest of the options deal with the amiibo that is now “active” in the white box above the options.

Save Tag” – this makes a file of the active amiibo on your phone. If you’ve scanned a Mario amiibo with Scan Tag, this option will now save its files to your phone, in the “tagmo” folder. Once you’ve saved the file, you can then email it to a tournament from your phone. It’s a file all on its own, and exists outside of Tagmo now.

Write Tag” – if you have an unwritten NTAG215 chip, this option will write your active amiibo file to that chip. Let’s say you’ve downloaded Mario and you want him on your brand new NTAG chip. You use Write Tag, and it will copy him onto the chip. Keep in mind that amiibo are not rewriteable, nor are their chips rewriteable. Once you make a chip a Mario, it stays as Mario. If you make it Link, it stays as Link. Everything else can change, but not its character. The only rewriteable amiibo hardware that I know of is the Powertag, which comes with the Powersaves when you buy it.

Powersaves for Amiibo

  • Backup – Makes a digital copy (called a .bin file) of the amiibo or powertag currently placed on the Powersaves device
  • Restore – The inverse of Backup. It takes a .bin file and places it onto the amiibo or powertag currently placed on the Powersaves device.
  • Apply Cheat – Mostly applies to Wii U and 3DS games, and is amiibo-specific. However, it has an option to scramble the “serial” number, which allows you to scan in two identical amiibo into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Power Tag – Exclusive to Powertags. This takes any amiibo .bin file in the Powersaves for AMIIBO folder and writes it to the Powertag.

NFC Tools

Due to the image-heavy tutorial for NFC Tools, please click the link above to be taken to our guide on NFC Tools.


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