Link’s Awakening amiibo – The best amiibo for training Link

by Doc

You’d be surprised how frequently I’m asked about the best amiibo to begin training with. Typically I answer with one of two amiibo – the Bowser amiibo, or the Link amiibo. Many of the BOTW amiibo series scan in as Link in Smash, but they’re quite expensive. Fortunately, we have a solution to the money issue.

Ignoring the possibility of amiibo cards, the Link’s Awakening amiibo is reliably your most optimal option for getting hold of a Link amiibo. There’s a number of reasons for this:

(MSRP is Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, which is the original price the amiibo sold for. For older amiibo, it’s $13. For amiibo that released after the first wave of Smash Ultimate including Link’s Awakening, it’s $16)

  1. The amiibo was oversupplied, so there’s enough supply to keep it at MSRP prices or lower for a long time (similar to the Ryu and Lucas amiibo, who rarely hit $13)
  2. Most BOTW amiibo and other Link amiibo are now scarce, and are more expensive than MSRP. A few BOTW amiibo reprints are confirmed to happen at some point, but it’s unlikely they’ll stay at MSRP for long.
  3. You probably don’t need to order it online to get one – many Gamestops and Best Buys were unable to sell their Link’s Awakening amiibo even several months after release, so a quick check while buying groceries is probably all it will take to snag one.
  4. You can actually use it as a Link amiibo in most amiibo-compatible games. You shouldn’t use it in Link’s Awakening because you’ll have to wipe your Smash amiibo data, but otherwise it’s totally fine to use it the other games it works with.

Basically, short of actually using the Link’s Awakening amiibo in Link’s Awakening, this amiibo is far superior to the other Legend of Zelda Link amiibo as far as amiibo training is concenred.


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