Smash Ultimate Raid Boss amiibo tier list – December 2020

This tier list is for amiibo vs. human battles. If you’re looking for competitive amiibo vs. amiibo battles, you’ll want to see the amiibo tier list.

Below is the Amiibo Doctor Raid Boss amiibo tier list. Ever since a few Youtubers such as Choctopus, Alpharad, Little Z and the like introduced the concept of fighting a “raid boss” (an amiibo that was given spirits), the idea of a Raid Boss tier list has been very popular. There’s really no objective tier list for Raid Bosses, especially when one takes into the account the vast breadth of training methods, stat and effect combinations, and human playstyles. Nonetheless, I did the best I could.

Please keep in mind this is not ordered by tier, and several assumptions are built into the tier list.