Guide to Codejunkies’ Amiibo Products

by Doc, Owner and Founder of Amiibo Doctor, also known as Codejunkies, is a UK-based video game cheat device manufacturer. They’re sort of the modern day Game Genie.

Codejunkies currently sells a handful of different amiibo-related products. They’re quite confusing at first, so I’ll explain each one to you. Please remember that while each price is denoted in USD, technically you’ll be paying them in British GBP, so you’ll have to go through an online service to exchange currencies. PayPal does this for you quite easily.

They are:

  1. Powersaves for Amiibo
  2. Powertags x3
  3. Powertags x10
  4. Amiibo Powerbase
  5. Powersaves Plus Limited Edition
  1. Powersaves for Amiibo – $25 + shipping

This little doohickey is a 2-part device. The white device plugs into your computer and acts as an amiibo reader. The black chip, a Powertag, emulates an amiibo chip using a given amiibo file on your computer. The idea is that you’ll get your amiibo files, and then using this gizmo you can emulate any amiibo you want for no cost.

For a full explanation of the Powersaves for Amiibo, reference this article.

2. Powertags x3 – $12.75 + shipping

Take that Powertag chip above, but you’re buying three of them, separately. I purchased one of these bundles once, and one of the tags didn’t work. Unfortunately Codejunkies has no customer support that I can find, so I was stuck with a bum chip.

3. Powertags x10 – $32 + shipping

…you really don’t need ten Powertags, unless you’re a hardcore amiibo streamer.

4. Amiibo Powerbase – $38.25

Do you remember how the original 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, 2DS XL and 3DS XXL America Edition models didn’t have built-in amiibo support? Haha, yeah, Obama was President back then, it’s been a while.

Anyway, this is an amiibo connectivity device so you don’t have to buy the $120 Nintendo-made one. Basically if you’ve got an old 3/2DS and want to use amiibo on it, this is a workaround so you don’t have to get a New 3/2DS.

5. Powersaves Plus Limited Edition for 3DS – $38.25 + shipping

This is a 2-in-1 device that functions both as a wireless Powersaves for Amiibo and, separately, a Powersaves Pro for the 3DS that can change the save data on 3DS cartridges. Unlike its ancestral devices, this doesn’t need a computer to function, just a smartphone and WiFi connection.

If you were going to buy both of them separately, it would actually be 3 GBP cheaper, so I don’t recommend buying this unless you’re really trying to flex on somebody. If you are going to use this to flex on somebody… this ain’t it, chief.

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