All the Ways to Make Your Own Amiibo [Tagmo, Placiibo/Cattlegrid, NFC Tools, Powersaves for Amiibo, Amiibomb, AmiiJoy, Wumiibo]

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Good God Why Can’t You People Stick With Tagmo

I’ve been asked about this for years now, which “Make Your Own Amiibo” app/device/program is the best. This is, as best as I can tell, every way to program an NTAG215 chip or otherwise emulate an amiibo, and the pros and cons of each one. You should read this all the way through before making any amiibo cards or emulating anything, as I can save you a lot of money down the line.

This list is being updated and expanded as more and more methods come out. If you see a method that isn’t listed here but is relatively easy to use, send me an email at If you want your email to be seen faster, include a picture of a puppy.

Recommended reading if you aren’t familiar with bin files, NTAG215 chips, and how amiibo are made.

For some reason, my image of the Tagmo logo is just about the only Google Image result for Tagmo these days. Life is strange.

Tagmo – Android, NFC-enabled phones

Tagmo is the simplest and most common way to make amiibo cards, and it’s my personal favorite. I love Tagmo so much I’ve actually held onto the same phone for six years just to keep making amiibo cards with it, and I consider it part of the “Holy Trinity” of amiibo emulation.

Here’s how to use Tagmo.


  • Free
  • Any Android with NFC can run it (provided there aren’t other obstacles like being a company phone)
  • Makes actual, permanent amiibo cards that can be sold in Etsy stores
  • Very lightweight and fast, incredibly easy to use
  • 100% safe


  • Only on Android
  • Unfamiliar installation process if you’ve never installed an APK file before
  • Menu is a tad difficult to learn without guidance, but that’s taken care of with our guide
FAQ Read this first!: placiiboapp

Placiibo/Cattlegrid – iPhone [NONFUNCTIONAL]

Fun fact: I wrote a post telling people to quit using these apps because they just don’t work.

Placiibo was the most common method for iPhone users to make amiibo cards, until… well, as best as I can tell it just doesn’t work anymore. It’s so nonfunctional that the official subreddit has actually been completely archived.

Cattlegrid is in a similar boat – the developer took it off the internet entirely after far too many people were rude to him. Can’t blame him, it was a free app.


  • Available on most iPhones


  • Literally doesn’t work anymore at all

Unfortunately the only alternative on the iPhone that currently works as far as I’m aware is NFC Tools…

NFC Tools – iPhone, iPhone 7 or newer

NFC Tools’ method was pioneered by the SUAL Discord server, in conjunction with NFC Tools has all of the benefits of Placiibo and CattleGrid, but with an added bonus: it actually works.

Oh yeah, here’s how to use this sucker.

Technically there’s an NFC Tools available on Android, but we always tell people to use Tagmo because I’d hate to write up an entirely unnecessary guide for people who insist on using a more complicated app that isn’t as easy or clean as Tagmo. However, it’s also your only option on iPhone, so…


  • Free (my favorite word)
  • Actually works on iPhone
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Makes actual, permanent amiibo cards
  • Works on most iPhones that are still functioning
  • 100% safe


  • Could be removed from Apple Store at any time because of legally sketchy uses
  • Not as easy to move amiibo bin files, but that’s a problem with iPhone file system, not the app
  • If it doesn’t work for you, you have no other choices on iPhone
  • Information still a tad hard to find outside of this website and NFC Tools forums

If you’ve got an iPhone and nothing else, NFC Tools is your best friend. It’s also your only friend. Try making friends with a PC, because…

Powersaves for Amiibo – PC/Mac

Here’s how to use Powersaves.

The chef’s kiss of amiibo emulation, and the second part of the Holy Trinity.

Powersaves for Amiibo is the kinda-OG of amiibo emulation, and it’s got the almost-all-in-one package for making amiibo, and emulating amiibo. It’s part of the Holy Trinity of amiibo emulation, in addition to Tagmo and AmiiJoy controllers.


  • Can do damn near anything (can’t make your own amiibo NTAG215 chips, but you won’t need to with this)
  • Requires something with a USB port (but not Chromebooks at the moment)
  • Very long-term solution
  • Can host amiibo tournaments
  • Literally a complete replacement for using amiibo in every way except collecting


  • $25, only orderable from
  • Doesn’t work on Chromebooks
  • Powertags are sometimes easy to lose
  • Can do everything except make NTAG215 chips into amiibo, but again, you won’t need to with this

I always tell people to get a Powersaves. Just do it. I have two, personally.

Amiibomb – PC, probably Mac

You know that really smart kid in your high school who carried around the personal computer that ran on Linux, who bragged about how he was living an “open source life” and oddly smelled of both old coffee and a tinge of weed? That’s what Amiibomb is in relation to Powesaves for Amiibo. It’s strictly inferior to Powersaves, but if you happen to have the hardware for it… be my guest.


  • Can do most of what Powersaves for Amiibo can do


  • Requires very specific Arduino
  • Requires that you know how to use an Arduino
  • Information on this method is sparse, even /r/amiibomb doesn’t have it as a stickied post anymore. I plain ol’ can’t find it.
  • How the hell do you even use this thing
I’m not gonna lie, this is a sexy controller.

AmiiJoy/AmiiPad – Nothing Required

The AmiiJoy homepage. You can buy an AmiiJoy here. Bear in mind that it goes by AmiiJoy on the website, and AmiiPad on the Amazon listings, because… marketing.

This is the weirdest and coolest way to emulate amiibo, making it the third part of the Holy Trinity of amiibo emulation. The AmiiJoy is actually a Nintendo Switch controller that simply emulates an amiibo on the controller itself, which means you don’t even have to have a cell phone to emulate something. It’s the ideal solution for a kid who doesn’t have a laptop or phone to mess around with.


  • Very easy to use, easier than any other method once you understand how to use it
  • Literally a plug-and-play alternative to the rest of these methods
  • A pretty great controller
  • Doesn’t require any bin file hunting
  • Literally perfect solution for anyone not planning to train amiibo in Smash Ultimate with it


  • Currently $40
  • Somewhat difficult to learn without access to
  • Controller doesn’t allow exporting bin files, so can’t be used for amiibo tournaments

Wumiibo – Nintendo 3DS Homebrew

If you really want to use this, here’s how to do it.

This is one of the most niche ways to emulate an amiibo, because it really only works on the 3DS, and it’s kinda clunky. Don’t bother searching for a Wumiibo version for Nintendo Switch, because there isn’t one.


  • Free, if you can do 3DS Homebrew
  • Effective
  • Not legally sketchy because it doesn’t use amiibo bin files (at least, not more sketchy than normal homebrew)


  • Literally only works for 3DS
  • Requires you to generate files through a specific website
  • Homebrew program


  1. There is another iPhone capable tool called Ally Collect and Backup that is similar to TagMo in capabilities and much easier to use than NFC Tools. The downside is that it is a $5 one-time purchase but it can read and backup bin files and if you enable “dark mode” it can write tags but the user has to find & provide the needed encryption keys.


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