How to Install Powersaves for amiibo – Explained Simply

You will need:

  • The white Powersaves for Amiibo USB Reader “Powersaves device”
  • The black Powersaves for Amiibo emulation disc “Powertag”
  • The Powersaves for Amiibo software, downloaded here
  • A computer compatible with USB devices
  1. Download and install the Powersaves software. It’s very small and can run even on Windows XP or Mac Snow Leopard. If your computer is newer than 2010, it can probably run Powersaves.
  2. Plug in the Powersaves device to the USB port on your computer. It’s the white piece in the image at the top of this article. If you bought a version of the Powersaves that isn’t white or doesn’t have the little black tag, I recommend getting a refund or buying a Powertag separately.
  3. Place the black Powertag disc onto the circle emblazoned on the Powersaves device.
  4. Turn on the Powersaves software. If your computer detects the USB connection and the Powertag is squarely on the device, your Powersaves device will glow blue. That’s how you know it’s picking up an amiibo or Powertag.
  5. There you go! Your Powersaves for Amiibo is installed. If you want to use it, please reference the second half of the guide located here.


  1. So just to be clear Powersaves for amiibo allow me to use my pc to read and write amiibo .bin files. The powertag is a rewritable chip that acts like an amiibo in regards to console. Correct?


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