The Complete Guide to Amiibo Personalities and Natures

by Doc, Owner, Founder, If Only She Could See My Personality And Not My Face

What are amiibo Personalities?

Every amiibo trainer has asked, at one point or another, “Which amiibo personality is the best?” It’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask: every amiibo has a personality, and you can clearly see it changing as you train your amiibo. Every amiibo starts as normal, and then as its behavior changes, suddenly… it’s a Thrill Seeker! Cool! But, and I’ll explain later, these personalities are actually completely useless.

You can check the personality of your amiibo by scanning them into the amiibo menu and pressing the R button.

What are all the personalities that amiibo can have?

There’s 25 total amiibo personalities:

  1. Aggressive
  2. Cautious
  3. Cool
  4. Daredevil
  5. Entertainer
  6. Enthusiastic
  7. Flashy
  8. Laid Back
  9. Light
  10. Lightning Fast
  11. Lively
  12. Logical
  13. Normal
  14. Offensive
  15. Plagiarism Test
  16. Quick
  17. Realistic
  18. Reckless
  19. Show-Off 
  20. Sly
  21. Technician
  22. Thrill Seeker
  23. Tricky
  24. Unflappable
  25. Versatile
  26. Wild

(We don’t talk about that secret one that you may have noticed.)

Which amiibo personality is the best one?

Well… none of them. Amiibo personalities, as we’ll explain in a second, are very unhelpful when training an amiibo. You’re better off imagining the playstyle that you want them to have, and then using your best training methods to go for it.

How amiibo personalities are determined

Here’s the problem. While personalities are a fun addition to amiibo and can help with theming, amiibo roleplays and more creative amiibo endeavours, they’re completely irrelevant to anything that actually impacts your amiibo. This infographic explains how amiibo personalities are “determined”:

So why do amiibo personalities change?

You’re probably noticing, then, that personalities do still change as your amiibo develops and learns more. In some (very rare) cases, there have even been instances where an amiibo personality changed when Learning was set to off and the amiibo was leveling up! What’s the deal?

Well, amiibo AI is different as it levels up. As the amiibo levels up, so too does the CPU level that serves as the base of amiibo behavior. In turn, the game reads the amiibo behavior data differently – if you stopped training them at level 15 and turned their Learning Off, and then checked their personality at level 50, the personality will very rarely be different even though the behavior data itself hasn’t changed.

But that’s very rare, and there’s only been a few confirmed cases of this happening. In your case, your amiibo’s personality is probably only changing because you’re training it more, and the behavior values are different than they were before.

However, there’s another way that amiibo personalities can change, and it doesn’t involve training. When you add Spirits to your amiibo, it alters the behavior data as well – resulting in a different personality. That’s why adding Spirits to amiibo often changes some parts of their playstyle.

If personalities can indicate that behavior has changed, why did you call them useless?

There’s two reasons amiibo personalities are useless:

  1. They’re poorly translated from the original Japanese names, so in many cases their meanings are obscured or entirely different. After all, these are single words without context – they’re very hard to accurately translate without conversing with the developer who originally named them.
  2. What does it mean for an amiibo to be Enthusiastic? Can you look at an amiibo that you haven’t seen before and say “Yep, that’s Enthusiastic?”. Not confidently – Enthusiastic is the most common label for fully-trained amiibo, encompassing about 70% of all trained amiibo. 90% of my own amiibo end up Enthusiastic. My Mega Man, for example is a point-blank killer who focuses on killing with Up tilt KOs or Up air juggling. My Mii Gunner is the complete opposite in every way, maintaining as much distance as possible to spam missiles. They’re both Enthusiastic.

How do I get the personality that I want?

Suppose you’re still wanting a specific personality, just for fun. That’s fine, there’s nothing wrong with that. But you’re probably not going to be able to get the specific personality that you want – amiibo personalities are based on so many variables with so many unknown ranges that we just can’t tell you how to get a specific personality.

Don’t amiibo personalities branch off?

Not really, no. That was a belief held for a long time, but recent research has indicated that there’s no “branching” that happens with amiibo personalities. Because amiibo personalities are simply based on amiibo behavior data, which itself is a sliding spectrum, there’s nothing they can “branch” from.

Thus, images like this are good guesses, but not accurate. You’ll notice Enthusiastic appears in there many times, because it’s a very common personality.

Hopefully this post has answered your questions about amiibo personalities! If not, leave a comment and I’ll answer it!


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