About Us

Our Dedication to Amiibo Training

Established in 2018, Amiibo Doctor is, first and foremost, the center of high-level competitive amiibo training content. The goal of Amiibo Doctor is, ultimately, introducing more people into high-level Smash Ultimate amiibo training and giving them the highest-quality amiibo information available anywhere in the world. We accomplish this through several methods:

  • Information from the most accomplished experts on specific amiibo is compiled into our Master List of Training Guides. These experts are financially compensated for their expertise through Amiibo Doctor’s WordPress revenue.
  • A volunteer staff of expert amiibo trainers and researchers create and evaluate the content on Amiibo Doctor. These are the Regular Contributors.
  • Competitive amiibo trainers compete in international amiibo tournaments and report back to Amiibo Doctor their observations and results to continuously evaluate the quality of Amiibo Doctor content.
  • Amiibo Doctor solicits opinions from the top competitors in competitive amiibo and publishes their opinions on competitive amiibo to democratize the best possible amiibo information.

We at Amiibo Doctor are very confident that this is the finest amiibo organization anywhere on the planet, and we have the tournament results, expertise and diverse set of qualified contributors to prove it.