What is Tagmo? Tagmo FAQ

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Talk Less, Tagmo

Tagmo will soon be available on Google Play, and will not have to be sideloaded anymore.

Tagmo is, put simply, an Android app that allows you to write amiibo files onto unwritten amiibo-centric chips. These chips are called “NTAG215” chips, and they’re identical to the ones found in the base of your amiibo figures. You can also find them in common use in amiibo cards.

What chips does Tagmo use?

Amiibo, and by extension Tagmo, uses NTAG215 chips. These chips are very cheap, and you can order them from China for about a quarter apiece. Nothing besides NTAG215 chips will work: not NTAG216, not NTAG213, only 215.

If you benefit from this page, please support Amiibo Doctor by purchasing NTAG215 chips through this Amazon Affiliate link! This is our preferred seller, and Amazon pays us a small commission for sales!

Where can I find amiibo bin files?

Good question. I have reference pages located here. However, hosts often tend to go down, so you’ll need to check back frequently if you want to find the files you need.

How large are amiibo bin files?

Amiibo are very tiny files. If you had a copy of every amiibo file ever released, it would come out to maaaaaybe 1 MB. If you are on a Discord server and there is an amiibo tournament going on, you could just privately message the person your amiibo file. They’re smaller than most text messages.

Is this Cheaper than Buying Normal Amiibo?

Yes. Writing to amiibo chips is usually about 2-5% of the cost of buying all of the normal amiibo figures.

Can I write to NTAG215 chips with apps besides Tagmo?

Yes. However, I only have an Android, so I’m unable to investigate other apps. From what I understand, a recently-developed iPhone app has come out that also allows this.

Tagmo says the amiibo is “Unknown”. What does that mean?

It simply means that the amiibo has come out too recently for Tagmo to have it in its listing. There’s nothing malfunctioning here – just make sure you’ve labeled your bin files properly, so there’s no confusion.

How many times can I rewrite an NTAG215 chip?

Never. You can change some of the data on them, but an NTAG215 amiibo chip will always be that character. If you have a Wolf Link amiibo, it can never not be a Wolf Link amiibo.

Tagmo can’t write to my phone. What’s going on?

If Tagmo can’t write to something, it could be a hardware issue with your chip, or your phone. Generally the issue arises from using NTAG chips that are faulty, so start checking what you’re writing to before checking your phone. Then check your phone to make sure you know exactly where the NFC point is on your phone.

Is Tagmo safe?

Yes, 100%. Multiple security companies have examined Tagmo and have found no security threats whatsoever.


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