Discussing Content Theft – Little Z, Alfintech

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Not Here For You to Steal From

If you’re familiar with the history of the Amiibo Doctor outlet, you’ll know that we’ve had a lot of websites and content creators outright steal from us in the past. Sometimes it’s a website that thinks it’s okay to reword my content, claim “expertise” and call it their own. Sometimes it’s a Youtuber that is perfectly willing to ask me for information or reference my content, and then claim that they’re a “strongest” amiibo trainer or similar without ever providing citation or credit.

Little Z’s “amiibo tier list”

Today, I discovered that Little Z posted a video recounting the events of his amiibo tournament that he held recently. In that video, he referenced the amiibo tier list. Specifically, the January 2021 amiibo tier list that this website is entrusted to host by the competitive amiibo scene. Compare:

Even a cursory glance at the two indicates that they’re exactly the same tier list, with exactly the same orderings. This isn’t itself the problem – after all, the tier lists hosted at amiibodoctor.com are the amiibo community’s official tier list. However, no credit was given. Little Z didn’t make note of the tier list being found at amiibodoctor.com, nor did he link to the proper page in the description. I received nothing for my financial costs of hosting the amiibo tier list and the website as a whole, not even a shout-out.

Raymond amiibo Theft

I also discovered last night that another website has been systematically plagiarizing my content revolving around amiibo, bin files, and the eventual Raymond amiibo card. Compare:

This is obviously stolen from my post here.

There are many instances in which content creators and other websites have stolen my work without any sort of compensation – be it financial or a simple shoutout – and this website has suffered tremendously for it. I’ve posted videos about it, sent emails politely asking for content removals, and even consulted with lawyers as to how to handle this.

So I’ll make it clear: if I have good reason to believe you are stealing my content or otherwise copying it, I will begin legal proceedings. In cases like Alfintech, where blatant plagiarism is involved, I have already begun legal proceedings. In cases like Little Z, where ignorance is far more likely, I will attempt to reach out first before making things formal – everybody makes mistakes and punishing somebody for their interest in amiibo is wrong.

All of this can be avoided simply by linking to the post or video where you found that information.



    1. Honestly? Not sure – I know that no phone can mimic an NFC tag that way, but I don’t understand the technical reasons underlying it.
      The closest anyone’s come to directly scanning an amiibo from their phone is an Android app called Joy-Con Droid, which emulates the entire Joy-Con, but even then that has a set of arcane hardware requirements.


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