The Complete Guide to amiibo bin files

by Doc, Owner, Founder, Man Who Is Secretly an amiibo and Hasn’t Had the Guts to Tell Anyone

Since the NFC Bank shutdown, amiibo bin files have suddenly become a concern of the amiibo scene. I’ve been doing my best to help people find them (links below), but I can’t keep up with the questions about them. This post will answer your questions about amiibo bin files.

What’s an amiibo bin file?

An amiibo bin file is simply the file that is hosted by the amiibo’s NTAG215 chip. It contains several parts: the character header, which can never change, the free-form data, which changes from game to game, and the Mii data, which contains the Mii that is hosted on your amiibo.

How do I use amiibo bin files?

Amiibo bin files are used with Tagmo to create amiibo cards. They can also be written to basically anything that uses an NTAG215 chip using the appropriate NFC writer.

What are the Key-Retail and Unfixed-Info bin files?

These two files are the tools to decrypting the amiibo. When combined, they activate a program that decrypts your amiibo – separately, they can’t do anything. You need these for use in Tagmo.

What’s Tagmo?

I gotchu fam.

Where can I find amiibo bin files?

Unfortunately, the biggest host for amiibo bin files is now down. NFC Bank died due to unknown circumstances. I’ve set up tracking pages at the below so that I can easily link people to hosts when I find them.

Animal Crossing bin files

Smash Bros bin files

Breath of the Wild bin files

Can I cheat amiibo cards with Amiiqo?

Amiiqo doesn’t function any better than Tagmo, so I recommend using Tagmo instead.

Can I use amiibo bin files with chips besides NTAG215 chips?

Well, technically yes, but only if you have a Powersaves for Amiibo. Powersaves for Amiibo emulates an NTAG215 chip using the Powertag, so… it’s basically still a no.

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