Where To Buy Series 5 Amiibo Cards Once It Sells Out

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Don’t Even Lie You Know This Card Is Gonna Sell Out Immediately

Look, we all know the Raymond amiibo card is going to sell out as soon as it comes out. Raymond is the most popular Animal Crossing villager, and there’s no way to get him in-game besides cheating or randomly coming across him, which is rare. The only other way to make a villager enter your town is an amiibo card, and Raymond is cardless until November 2021. If any amiibo card is gonna sell like hotcakes, it’s Raymond. And everyone’s going to be buying tons of packs just for him.

Raymond is going to be released the same way that the other New Horizons cards were – through card packs, randomly distributed. You could spend vastly more money than is appropriate trying to find one, or you can just get one from these sellers who will probably have them when it releases… if you’re fast.

We’ve split these up by Official Cards and Unofficial Cards. You’re more likely to successfully buy Unofficial Cards, because they’re fanmade and thus have unlimited supply. Bear in mind there’s a few Amazon Affiliate links in here, because, y’know, we need to pay for the site.

If you’re more interested in making your own, here’s how to do it.

Unofficial Amiibo Cards

Cenxaki – Amazon seller, Sells Near-Replica Sanrio amiibo cards and will probably move to other popular villagers

RiverCityCrossingsVery reputable seller on Etsy, this listing currently has 234 5-star ratings with nothing less.

SamskiStudio – Etsy amiibo coin seller, with just as stellar a reputation. RiverCity and Samski both have very high-quality materials for very reasonable prices.

Official Amiibo Cards

Best Buy – While the online store often sells out, physical stores often have amiibo left over. This link should take you to the result of the search “Raymond amiibo card”.

Target – Nintendo seems to love Target, as they gave Target exclusivity for the Sanrio amiibo card reprint. As with above, the link takes you to “raymond amiibo card”.

Gamestop – Similar situation as Best Buy – they’ll probably sell out online, but in-person will take a few days to sell.


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