Will We Ever See a Raymond Amiibo Card?

by Doc – Owner, Founder, Man With Eyes Both the Same Color

I’ve had a page up for a while now that is a placeholder listing for when we eventually get the Raymond amiibo cards for sale. Actually, I’ve got several meant to make it easier to find the least expensive Raymond amiibo card. But there’s one problem.

Where the hell is the Raymond amiibo?

New Horizons has been out for a year, and the only content we’re seeing with updates is Mario clothing and barebones events. Amiibo functionality with all of the existing Animal Crossing amiibo cards was promised at the game’s launch and confirmed by Nintendo. Nintendo usually follows a maximum 2-year plan for their game’s DLC. Smash 4 took two years to get all the characters in, Splatoon 2 had Splatfests for 2 years, and even Ultimate would probably be on a 2-year cycle if not for COVID slowing down DLC and amiibo development.

So… what about the Raymond amiibo?

Well, there’s one notable exception to the 2-year rule. Animal Crossing: New Leaf received the Welcome amiibo update a full four years after its original release in Japan to include amiibo compatibility with the amiibo card lines that had come out. If New Leaf is any precedent, then it may take literal years before we get new New Horizons-compatible amiibo cards. And the same thing would extend to all of the other currently non-functional amiibo cards as well.


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