Smash Ultimate Amiibo Tier List – January 2021

This is the official January 2021 tier list for USAC – It was voted on by the most achieved tournament victors and the most knowledgeable researchers from the USAC discord server, the center of competitive amiibo. The SUAL Discord server has its own tier list, which you can find here.

It should be noted that some AI discoveries occurred after the voting for this list-however, given the current state of the amiibo meta, this is still the most accurate list. In addition, the 10.0 amiibo patches also occurred after this patch, so we can expect some changes in the next tier list due to more AI discoveries being made.

Special thanks to Lady Cucco for compiling and processing the data! She does an excellent job, and we’re lucky to have her.

Official Smash Ultimate Amiibo Tier List


  1. Hi I love puff and my friend just got me the amiibo, are they in D tier because of bad AI or because puff isn’t that good to begin with?


    1. If you allow support spirits, use instadrop and rest. It’s a true combo and along with rollout spam, the best thing puff can do.


  2. I emailed you this same question but I’m gonna ask again because you didn’t see it. I saw that hard dk from alpharads channel was super powerful but he was trained in a 4 player battle. Is this better than training 1 on 1 or can I do some of the 4 player battle and some of the 1 on 1?


  3. So since I got both Hero and Link, what spirits shall I put on them to match my Stands theme: Silver Chariot for Link and The Hand for Hero.


    1. Robin is amazing. It’s only drawback is the stuff about the charge and how you have a limited us of weapons and spells before they have to charge again. Also, though this is between me and my brother’s amiibos , it’s a great incin encounter.


  4. Know that I think about it, why do people teach some amiibos to run and some to walk, and how does walking make some amiibos function better? Sorry just couldnt figure out wording please ask me of you need me to re word this for anyone who wants to help.


    1. How’s this: Why do we teach some amiibos to walk instead of run instead of making all of them just run? And does having the amiibo walk or run affect the tier list at all (this sounds so much better)


        1. Walking will stop the amiibo from acsidently using dash attack. If it becomes a big problem you should consider giving it the breaking ability spiret.


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