The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Little Mac amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Hello, my name is jozz. I have gotten many top 8 performances and even a win with my Little Mac, CEO of fun.

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AI Issues

Little Mac has a generally good AI, but most times he will use his counter at random, and a lot of times gets punished for it.

Overall Playstyle

Optimal Little Mac should be very grounded, with little to no air time. Aerial Little Mac just doesn’t go well with his moveset, because his best moves are grounded.

Forward Smash is one of Little Mac’s best moves, and should be used in good amounts.
Up Smash should generally be used to catch landings, as Forward Smash has more kill power.
Forward Tilt should be used to make sure Forward Smash doesn’t stale, and as a punish option in some cases.
Down Tilt leads into many things:
~ Down Tilt > Forward Smash
~ Down Tilt > Up Smash
~ Down Tilt > Up Special

There are probably more, but these are the main ones that you should be using if you use Down Tilt.
Side Special should only be used to recover, because he might parry, and Side Special offstage and ends up self-destructing because of it.
Up Special should only be used out of Down Tilt.
Parrying is optional, but most times Little Mac will punish out of parry with one of his strong moves.
Grabbing should be at a minimum, but it’s up to the trainer whether they use it or not.

Why It Works

This method works because it gives Little Mac a good focus on his strong hitting moves, and gives him a good kit for packing a punch against his opponents.


Little Mac’s spirit setup is an odd one, because multiple things work. I recommend Floaty Jumps, Fist Attack Up, And Made of Metal with a 2100/2100 spread on attack and defense. Floaty Jumps lets him recover way better, Fist Attack Up helps him do an increased amount of damage with all of his attacks, and Made of Metal helps him not get launched to his death at the beginning of the match.


  1. Should I teach Mac to use the KO punch? I am afraid that if I do, it will be unable to tell if it can actually use the KO punch, and just start using neutral B.


    1. Your fears are founded – he doesn’t distinguish between the two of them. However, if you only use KO punch, he won’t go overboard with regular neutral special – he’ll use it sometimes, but not often enough to be a problem.


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