The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Lucario Amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Jozz, Regular Contributor

Hello, my name is jozz! I’ve been in the amiibo scene for around 4 months now, and have recently earned multiple Top 8 placements with Lucario, and even a win! Nobody else has come close to my Lucario.

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AI issues

The AI Issues with Lucario are Aura Sphere, and his counter. The amiibo just sits and charges Aura Sphere, which leads to a painful punish. The only good thing about Aura Sphere is that it has a hitbox while charging, but that’s about it. Lucario’s counter is just like any other counter- it doesn’t work. the amiibo will use it, but in the most incorrect of positions, keeping it from viability.

Overall Playstyle

Lucario should mainly be grounded, but should go offstage for gimps and be in the air on stage for combos.

Throws are good, Lucario can do Down Throw -> Forward Air -> Forward Air, and Up Throw -> Back Air. Sprinkle them in during training.
Back air is a good landing option, it sends the opponent far and is generally a solid move.
Down Air offstage for early gimps.
Up Tilt chain -> Neutral Air, this is a good damage builder, which is rare in Lucario’s moveset.
Down Smash is good for killing and racking up damage. I’d say you should focus on Forward Smash, but Down Smash catches rolls too. Catch the opponent’s landings with Up Smash.
Forward Smash is a good kill option, it kills pretty early with max aura.
Forward Tilt is a multi hit, and is good to rack up damage at early percents.
Force Palm is useful for those high percent kills.
Parrying is good, it’s useful against single hit attacks, and it lets Lucario get a free hit.

Why It Works

My method works because it leads to early kills, offstage gimps, and a consistent play style for the character. Remember, I’ve won tournaments with this previously under-represented character.

Spirit Loadout

The spirits I recommend with Lucario are Physical Attack Up, Aura Attack Up, and a balanced 2250/2250 loadout. This spirit setup allows Lucario to pack a punch with itss aura attacks and its non-aura attacks.

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