The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Joker amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Big List of Amiibo Training Guides

by Doc, Owner and Founder of Amiibo Doctor

This guide is in video format, but we also have a written guide from another trainer located here.

You can show your support for Amiibo Doctor by purchasing a Joker amiibo through this Amazon Affiliate link. Thank you for keeping interest in amiibo alive!


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  1. Hey.
    I got 10 Joker Amiibo and am a Joker solo main in Ultimate. So far the 1st one I’ve trained can do some pretty wild stuff. He uses Arsene Gun off stage on Pokemon Stadium 2 to push attempted recoveries into either a stage spike or launch them under it. He also jablocks with one shot of Gun on a missed tech into a DSmash.
    I can let you know what else I can get all mine to do if you needed some more information. I’ll be turning one of them into a Raid Boss, lol.


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