Why are amiibo patches happening?

Thus far, we’ve found a few small AI changes with amiibo that have a major impact on the character itself. The Joker amiibo lost a recovery glitch, the Cloud amiibo uses Limit Charge moves better but gained a recovery glitch, and a few other small changes have been found.

Why are these patches happening now?

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Where’s Joker and Hero on the amiibo tier list?

by Doc

As of this writing, no official amiibo tier list has been released that includes Joker and Hero. It’s not hard to see why – they’re very tricky amiibo to pin down, especially Joker, who just had a handful of AI fixes in 9.0. So… where should they be?

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We’ve got the Joker and Hero amiibo in-game!

That’s right – we’ve been at work training them and labbing out their AI. You can see a full training session of each of them in the embedded Youtube video, and discussions on the Joker AI (with a Hero video coming soon) on the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel.

Special thanks to Supernova and Ethan of Exion Vault for completing the amiibo!