Which amiibo will go viral in 2021? – Info for Etsy amiibo card sellers

I keep a pretty close eye on amiibo statistics and SEO data, and I’m generally pretty accurate when it comes to predicting which amiibo will be the most demanded and get the most attention. I predicted that the Joker amiibo would be the most popular amiibo, I predicted that Snake’s amiibo release would be a major event, I predicted that the New Horizons release would cause a major spike in demand for Animal Crossing amiibo cards and made a lot of money making Animal Crossing medallions ahead of time and selling them on Etsy.

I’m pretty good at this stuff, and I know which amiibo you need to get ready to make cards for.

If you’d like help with marketing these amiibo and using my clout to give you a marketing edge over your competitors, send an email to amiibodoctor@gmail.com with a link to your Etsy store.

Raymond amiibo + other New Horizons “Dreamies”

Animal Crossing: New Horizons will never be as popular as it was at its release. Don’t anticipate that demand for Animal Crossing amiibo cards will ever be as high as it was back then. There’s really only one amiibo card that I can definitively say will sell out when it releases: Raymond.

Nintendo has confirmed that New Horizons will get full amiibo compatibility: given that they’ve also confirmed that they’re going to be updating the game for years and that first-party amiibo cards have been recently reprinted, it’s pretty reasonable to believe that all of the new villagers will also be getting amiibo cards. That includes… Raymond.

I have a placeholder page ready for when the Raymond amiibo comes out. It has no content, and nothing interesting aside from a picture of a hypothetical Raymond amiibo card. It’s also consistently one of my top 10 posts on any given day, bringing in about 5% of my overall viewership.

Let me reiterate what I just said. A post with no content that has the words “Raymond amiibo” in the title is a major view-grabber already. This tells me, based on historical results, that the Raymond amiibo specifically is going to drive people absolutely wild once an amiibo card is created for him.

Be ready by crawling your way up in Etsy’s search results for “Raymond amiibo” so you can scoop up as much of that demand as you can.

Banjo amiibo

The data for the “Banjo amiibo” and “Banjo and Kazooie amiibo” search terms is a bit fuzzy at the moment, and all I have to go off of are my own Youtube results. Of the next three Smash amiibo that are releasing, Banjo is by far the most hyped character in the United States. Terry was largely popular with the Central American crowd, and Byleth was popular with… weebs. Most of Etsy’s customer base is American, so we’re focused on what the Americans are focused on.

I don’t think demand for the Banjo amiibo will be as ridiculously high as it was for the Joker amiibo – it’ll be hard to top that. But he will be the one to focus on when that wave comes out, at least from a marketing point of view. This doesn’t mean you should ignore Byleth, either – my Youtube traffic indicates there’s decent interest in the Byleth amiibo, but Banjo will be the one that sells the most, for a few reasons.

Terry’s pretty much out in the cold as far as I can tell.

Steve amiibo

It’s been over a month since Steve’s release, and anything with “Steve” in the title still gains tremendous amounts of traffic on all platforms. I don’t anticipate Steve will release in amiibo form until early 2022, but when he does… you want to be ready. Steve will probably be as popular if not more popular than the Joker amiibo, based on my analytics research. It’s easy to see why: he’s the most widely-appealing character of the second Fighter’s Pass thus far, he hails from the best-selling video game in human history, and he’s fucking Steve.

As far as I can tell, Steve will outsell almost any other amiibo available. He’ll definitely be bigger than Banjo, and possibly more popular than Raymond.


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