Master List of Smash Ultimate Amiibo Training Guides for Beginners

At Amiibo Doctor, we take the quality of our information very seriously. Every piece of amiibo training information linked below is a highly qualified trainer with significant results with their amiibo who has pushed the amiibo meta closer to the theoretical “20XX”. We truly believe that, bar none, this ever-expanding collection is the absolute best amiibo training information hub that has ever existed. Each trainer has been compensated financially, or is in the process of being compensated financially, for their information.

That’s how good our information is.

Pre-Training Guides and Information

Guide to every Spirit Effect and Loadout in Smash Ultimate

Broad Guide to Training amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Amiibo Training Character Guides

If you’re looking for a specific character, use Control + F to find them! Be sure to read or watch the links above – they’re meant to streamline the amiibo training process for you.

When multiple guides for a character have been written, the oldest guide will be listed first, with progressively newer guides coming next. We recommend referencing the newest guides whenever available.

Sephiroth amiibo in action.

If you can’t find the character you’re looking for, be patient! At Amiibo Doctor we take our time to make sure our sources are verified. Many websites on the internet just train an amiibo and claim expertise, but we vet everyone who writes for us before posting their instructions.