The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Kirby amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Big List of Amiibo Training Guides

by Pikapool, Guest Contributor

Hi, I’m PikaPool and I train Kirby amiibo. I think my results speak for themselves.

There is another Kirby amiibo guide on Amiibo Doctor, but Pika’s results with Kirby are worthy of another guide.

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AI Flaws

Kirby has a couple flaws but all of them are either consistent or avoidable.

Kirby’s AI Flaws are:

  • Hammer is a charging move that causes self-harm. He likes it a bit too much, and it’s very unoptimal to use.
  • Up and Down Special are both heavily spammed moves. Up b Kirby spam is formidable, until you get on a platform stage. Down b is similar. He will repeatedly down b into a platform for, as I’ve observed, minutes on end.
  • Kirby can’t use Inhale properly. It’s a weak command grab that essentially has one use, and he can’t do a damn thing with it that’s useful.
  • Kirby recovers high. This is the most troublesome. He will recover high, and it is very troublesome to get it knocked out. This also compounds with the next AI flaw:
  • Kirby will, for some reason, use as many of his jumps as he reasonably can. He’s got quite a few of them, so you’ll have to work around that.
  • Down smash has a flaw where it just doesn’t hit. Kirby poorly spaces it. Whenever down smash does hit, it’s just the tip.

Overall Playstyle

Kirby flourishes on the ground. He has two strong smash attacks, two good tilts, and Up Special is very good.

Kirby also has good aerial play to back him up. Kirby can juggle with up b, use his falling Forward air to his advantage, drill his opponents with Down air, and throw out Stone for kills.

How to Train the Kirby amiibo

Stay on the ground. The moves that you should use the most are Forward smash, Up smash, and Down tilt. Forward and Up smash have good damage and knockback, and make for useful KO moves. Down tilt can be comboed into Forward smash and Grab at different percents.

Use Up and Down throw for kills and damage, respectively.

Dash attack is an excellent move, and often kills at the ledge.

Kirby’s actually somewhat limited in the air thanks to the unusual way his AI handles his aerials. Up air can be used for juggling, as I said earlier. Falling Forward air can be used for getting a free Up or Forward smash if you land while doing it.

Offstage is very straightforward. Down air. If you’re feeling lucky, use Stone.

“Gee, Pikapool, what’s the deal with Down air?”

Bad and also good. Kirby seems to have two different Down air brains – one for offstage play and one for onstage play.

Onstage is something I have a problem with. If you go balls to the wall onstage, it’s gonna be bad. Kirby hits it inconsistently, tries it repeatedly, and it becomes overused and leaves him vulnerable. Use it rarely. Kirby will combo it into any of his three smash attacks, with Up smash being the best. Offstage is different. Go insane. Kirby is fantastic offstage, and Down air is the reason.

Why it Works

Kirby is a high-mid tier character that breaks into and flourishes in B+ because of his ability to go toe to toe with big boys. He does this because of his access to damage and kill options and his ever-lasting small hitbox. His potential is being explored now more than ever.

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