The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Kirby amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Blank, Guest Contributor

Blank used to be the best trainer of all time – he’s since been surpassed, but he’s still a legend.

I am Blank and today I will go from talking about one of the best amiibo in the game- he’s also the cutest, and you can fight me on that one.

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Unlike other guide formats, I will talk about moves in order of importance. The Kirby playstyle is difficult to put into words, so this is probably the best medium of communication short of a demonstration. Any moves not mentioned can and likely should be disregarded, though there may be some fringe uses for them and I encourage experimentation!

AI Issues

Basically none. Let’s move on.

Overall playstyle and move usage

Before getting into the moves allow me to give you an overview of my Kirby, Sphere Boy’s, fighting style. He is a mostly grounded fighter who utilizes multiple Down tilt combos and takes out foes far above his weight class using his long-reaching and powerful smash attacks. Occasionally he’ll throw out aerial follow ups and good platform play. Using this fighting style he has managed to take down even the heavyweight King K. Rool on multiple occasions!

Forward smash: Forward smash is deceptively powerful, and it carries Kirby a long distance. This move can be comboed into after a Down tilt but it should be thrown out without a combo as well – it’s a relatively safe option for Kirby, and picks up KO’s quickly.

Up Smash: Kirby’s smashes really are stronger than they look. His Up smash catches enemies in the air and in front of him. After an Up smash Kirby will usually try to land another Up smash, or chase with an aerial. If you follow the rest of this guide the aerial will usually be Up air!

Down Tilt: This move is exciting because Kirby can follow it up with several moves: Forward smash, Dash attack, or a throw! Due to how amiibo react he will usually follow up with throws at low percents, forward smash at mid percents, and dash attack at high percents. However, unlike some characters he doesn’t usually chain down tilts for damage.

Dash Attack: Kirby’s dash attack travels far, and hits hard, this Dash attack can kill so it’s not a bad move to throw out. It is slower than Forward smash or Up smash for taking stocks however.

Up Air: Up air is good for racking damage and juggling and for platforms when they are in play, it’s a very fast move and while it won’t be taking any lives, it will rack up damage.

Forward Air: Forward air can potentially take a stock but usually won’t when trained with this guides method, instead it is mainly used as an interruption move while landing and Kirby can land on the first or second hit then go straight into Forward smash.

Throw: None of Kirby’s throws are amazing, but they all help him rack up damage. If I had to recommend any, Up throw and Down throw do the most work, really though use whatever you’d like it’s mostly just for after Down tilt or free damage against shielding enemies.

Down Smash: This move isn’t great. It’s really just a get-off-me tool, but it’s still worth teaching

Hammer: I hear the screams of disapproval already but look, Hammer is an additional KO option, it’s not something to be used often, but when Forward smash is staled it’s a good option.

Up B: For whatever reason, this move is one of the most effective moves Kirby has. Kirby is one of the few amiibo who regularly uses his recovery as an attack, but you should only really use this move for ledgeguarding. The move doesn’t KO, except in rare circumstances.

Why it Works

Kirby is a very interesting amiibo – you would expect an aerial fighter, but he truthfully functions better on the ground using his aerials for extra damage. He has some surprising matchups being able to swing with the big boys, but his weight also means even weaker hits can take him out. His results are largely mixed, and not many trainers have been able to get a truly rockstar Kirby, but his potential has been demonstrated!


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