The Beginner’s Guide to Training the Mii Swordfighter amiibo in Smash Ultimate

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by Nickural, Guest Contributor and self-proclaimed “Cookie man”

Nickural’s Mii Swordfighters are the highest-placed Swordfighters in the meta, and he’s labbed out many of the other options for Mii Swordfighter. This guide will mostly consist of the viable options for Mii Swordfighter.

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AI Issues

Nothing notable, Mii Swordfighter is flexibly programmed to allow for the different custom moves.

Overally playstyle and custom move options

All the Miis have custom moves and Swordfighter is no different. I encourage everyone to test and lab as much as you want to. I personally run 2323 (Shuriken of Light, Chakram, Skyward Slash Dash, and Power Thrust) as it has worked for me. Note that my testing was in version 7.0.0 and not 8.0.0 so with all the AI changes there’s a possibility something changed for Swordfighter too.

Neutral Special:

1-Gale Strike – I was initially recommended this and I’m not sure why. Gale Strike is used in normal competitive play but the Amiibo can’t do the combos that humans can do. The knockback is fixed so this can’t kill, nor can it gimp since it sends the opponent straight up, and I’ve seen a lot of Swordies use this for offstage with no reasoning but small damage which SoL can do.

2-Shuriken of Light (SoL) – Lower frame data than Chakram so it can really be spammed. If it’s used right against an opponent they don’t even get flinched so anyone could punish it really easily up close. I use it to rack up damage from a distance and to help gimp opponents.

3-Blurring Blade – Can kill at 50 but the Amiibo won’t punish shield breaks with it and it takes a bit to charge (They can charge it just fine tho). Opponents usually treat this as a move to avoid no matter the cost.

Side Special:

1-Airborne Assault – Interesting, but if you’re running Power Thrust it’s quite redundant, has more frames and deals less damage than it too.

2-Gale Stab – Basically Ike’s Side Special, except they won’t use it to recover, plus it needs to be charged (Again could be different in Version 8.0.0)

3-Chakram – This is what makes Swordie good from a distance, only 1 can be out at a time tho. This can be angled in 5 directions (When facing right, Goes from 1oclock to 5oclock (1oclock, 2oclock, 3oclock, 4oclock, and 5oclock), is the best explaination I can give.) It’s very hard to get the angles in between the middle and the sides but the Amiibo will execute that flawlessly so don’t worry about it. This also has a normal version which is slow and hits multiple times and a “smash” version that acts like other projectiles in speed. This should be used to edgeguard opponents as well as rack up damage. Do note that if an opponent is below your amiibo, and your amiibo is on a platform, they’ll just throw the Chakram into the platform.

Up Special:

1-Stone Scabbard – Good, and can kill when the opponent doesn’t expect it, but can also cause deaths when they shouldn’t happen.

2-Skyward Slash Dash – The safest, fastest, and farthest option.

3-Hero’s Spin – A good option regardless if you want to be more like Link.

Down Special:

1-Blade Counter – Having a counter almost brings the anticipation value to full, which I don’t want for Swordie, plus it gets rid of a kill and damage racking move.

2-Reversal Slash – Can reflect projectiles, so it’s a bit situational in that department. This may be able to gimp, but we already have 2 reliable options for that.

3-Power Thrust – This is what makes Swordie good overall, it racks up damage fairly consistently and kills. It get’s weaker the farther it goes, and is very punishable by Parries.

How to Train Mii Swordfighter

Now for actual training. Mii Swordfighter is pretty rigid in his AI, so training is mostly reliant on your move usage.

Down Tilt, Up Tilt, and Power Thrust are your main moves for racking up damage. Down Tilt can true combo into Power Thrust at 0% and Chakram at Mid percents, you can also do Down Tilt to Forward Air to help prevent moves from staling.

Up Tilt can go into more Up Tilts, at later percents it can lead to Up Air which can kill around 120% or so.

For a distance I use SoL mainly and Chakram. Power Thrust can kill around 150% so it’s a good option overall.

Why it Works

Mii Swordfighter has a lot of KO potential that has to be properly brought out through custom moves. With proper playstyle and move information, you can make your Mii Swordfighter a killer!



  1. If you aren’t carefull, sowdie can start sd’ing with the recomended Up B because of a built in “combo” to prevent this, use hero spin.


  2. Mii Swordfighter is also capable of converting
    SOL (Shuriken Of Light)
    into Power Thrust. Which is a great way to Rack up Damage and can even kill at high percents. More reason why you should pick Shuriken Of Light. Mii Swordfighter can also sometimes use Power Thrust as a Recovery Move. Which allows him to recover slower yet safer.


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