Amiibo Doctor-affiliated Discord servers and content!


USAC is the home of most of the high-level competitive trainers and tournament organizers, and quite a bit of amiibo research goes on here! If you’re experienced in the amiibo scene, or you want to level up your knowledge, USAC is the place to go. (But if you’re new, keep scrolling!)

You will need to mention that you were sent here by Amiibo Doctor so as to make sure you


SUAL is the best place to go for that “Smash weekly tournament” vibe. Every Saturday, SUAL hosts an arena tournament, and they’re really great to watch! I tune in whenever I can.


Wumbo’s server is the official home of… Wumbo. You can find a link to his Twitch channel in the section below. If you join, be sure to tell him I said “no simping”. He needs to be reminded often.


The new kids on the block, UnderDogs hosts weekly singles tournaments on Fridays, with assorted other events scattered throughout the week. They’re spearheaded by Swift’s Youtube content, which you can find in the section below.

Of course, there’s always the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel, but sometimes it’s nice to get amiibo content from other people! 

Websites – Submission page for the Amiibots livestream

Livestreams/Youtube Channels – Hosts a lot of human and amiibo tours, who I personally expect . Also Amiibo Doctor has financially sponsored Wumbo in the past, because that’s how we roll. – 24/7 amiibo tournament, and the stream for the above website. – Owner and host of SpliceStream. I like Splice. He’s very huggable.

SwiftSG – Up and coming amiibo tournament streamer, with frequent amiibo livestreams on Youtube. Spearhead of the UnderDogs server. – Primary streamer for SUAL – Seconday streamer for SUAL