Amiibo Doctor-affiliated Discord servers and content!


CCAS is the ideal server for new trainers looking to enter the competitive amiibo scene! Run by Ruffles and Destruktow, CCAS focuses on introducing people to the more challenging aspects of amiibo competition. It’s great fun, in my opinion.


USAC is the home of most of the high-level competitive trainers and tournament organizers, and quite a bit of amiibo research goes on here! If you’re experienced in the amiibo scene, or you want to level up your knowledge, USAC is the place to go. (But if you’re new, keep scrolling!)


SUAL is the best place to go for that “Smash weekly tournament” vibe. Every Saturday, SUAL hosts an arena tournament, and they’re really great to watch! I tune in whenever I can.

Of course, there’s always the Amiibo Doctor Youtube channel, but sometimes it’s nice to get amiibo content from other people! 

Websites – Submission page for the Amiibots livestream (see below)

Livestreams/Youtube Channels

Amiibots – 24/7 automated amiibo tournament, and the stream for the above website. Very, very cool.

Amiibo Fight – Periodic Twitch stream showcasing both Smash Ultimate and Smash 4 amiibo fights. I’ve given away subscriptions to this channel, you should follow them.

ThatMAGICStore – Mostly Smash Ultimate vanilla amiibo tournaments

SpliceStreamVery long-running amiibo streamer, who also does other games. I’m supposed to also tell you that he’s huggable.

Sinsei__ – Primary streamer for SUAL

Nintendo_obsessed – Seconday streamer for SUAL