Pre-release Theorycraft: How to train the Min Min amiibo

by Doc, Owner, Founder, pretty cute guy who’s single (ladies), likes long walks on the beach, etc.

The other day I got my hands on some Min Min amiibo footage and did an analysis of it. Special thanks to our newest Regular Contributor, jozz, for the footage. I found a few semblances of behavior that could become some useful pre-programmed combos, and observed how the Min Min amiibo totally ignores its generous reach. So let’s theorycraft, given what we went over in the video, how to train the Min Min amiibo.

Up Smash


It sure looks like, given her incredible ability to juggle with Up smash, that she has an unusually good advantage over other amiibo. You’ll notice that over and over she knocks the Mega Man amiibo into the air and can basically eliminate all his options for landing. It looks very, very broken, even without the Down tilt to Up smash follow-up. It’s probably her only good move.

Why not Forward tilt and such?

Min Min’s effective range on her attacks is, oddly enough, not much longer than Shulk’s forward smash, roughly. While the amiibo in the footage is a bit inconsistent on what the maximum range for her ARMS attacks are, it generally appears that she won’t hit another onstage opponent unless they’re within 3 Min Mins of her.

(We’re not that great at measurement.)

This creates a pretty odd problem for Min Min, if this holds true to the final product. She simply doesn’t have enough moves. Her jab and Forward tilt and Forward air are all interchangeable, and Nintendo will probably have some kind of weird fuckery with the amiibo training data. Her Forward smash is basically the same as her other Forward moves, but slower and more powerful, so how the hell do you maximize that kind of moveset? There’s barely a moveset!

In addition, you can’t change which of her three Down special options she uses – it appears to be randomly chosen and switched out, so you’ll also have an inconsistent amiibo no matter what you do.

So… What do you do?

I guess the best you can do with Min Min given this information is to go for a tilts-based playstyle. Down tilt into Up smash is pretty good, and Up tilt is alright as well. Forward tilt is obligatory, because that’s her whole moveset, but otherwise you’re stuck with an amiibo that’s mostly CPU.

So there’s two choices for Min Min, that I can see.

  1. Musket Method

If her Forward Smashes are okay, then they’re great. She’s got the range even without her entire length being at her disposal, so there’s still something of value in them. If an opponent gets close she can use Up smash to beat them back. It’s sort of like Mii Gunner, but with hands.

2. Brain Transplant

Obviously Brain transplanting is never the optimal way to train an amiibo, but in the shorter-term it’s easy to imagine borrowing the training from another optimal amiibo to use that as a base. Bearing in mind that we’re still operating completely based on theory and about ten minutes of pre-release footage, I’d say that new Min Min amiibo training researchers should train it and also brain transplant another one, and compare them to see what final AI tricks you can take advantage of.

Ah, whatever. This is all theory. Stick around for more updates on the DLC amiibo.


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